Joining [TKO] Killbox Clan

In order to be considered for membership, you must be 18 years old.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.  Most of us are well past that age.  Not that we have anything against kids and teenagers, but some of us have our own kids and teenagers. 

While membership is by invitation, we would like to know about your interest.  While we can do a great many things, reading minds in not one of them!  If we don't know your interested, we may skip right over you in favor of someone who we know is!

We want players with great character.  Skill is important, but if you like to run your mouth, skill isn't going to get you anywhere.  There are many other factors to consider besides how good you are. 

Playing in our servers will get you seen.  It's HOW you play that will get you noticed!  We have no patience for spawn miners and spawn campers.  We want people that like to play the game, not those who worry about their rank.  This is a killbox clan.  Having a good rank doesn't necessarily mean you have skill!  Everything is good in moderation, that includes camping.  People who know nothing but camping, won't make it very long on our servers!

Membership to our clan is not something we take lightly.  There is not a revolving door to our clan.  We will only consider people who will be around long term.  Our goal is not to have the biggest clan, but one where members are like friends and family.  Don't expect that because you have played for a month or two, that you have paid your dues.  There are many people that have been playing with us for years!  Playing in our servers, and not pissing any of our members off is a good place to start. 

Membership requires 100% agreement from all Founding Clan Members.  So being friends with one or two of us is good, but doesn't mean you're on a fast track to membership.  This clan is also run by its members.  We only exist because of the great men and women in the clan.  Both financially and physically, it is our money, time and energy that make this clan what it is. 

The real key to membership is keep playing, LOTS!  That is how we will get to know you, and what your character is really like!  Not everyone is TKO material, but for those that are, we will be patiently awaiting your arrival!